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Wedding photography has truly become an art form in California, and if you’re planning to have your wedding in Venice, Los Angeles, being able to find and hire one of the best event photography services in the area can be an excellent way of making your wedding even more special and memorable.

Here at Magic Wedding Photography and Video, we can create a mix of some of the best styles associated with the practice to make sure your images not only look good, but also stand out as artistic, insightful, well-lit, crystal clear and – most importantly – alive.

Let Us Turn Your Wedding into True Magic

When you hear about an event photographer specializing in taking pictures at weddings, you will likely find out about a variety of styles that professionals tend to use in order to make weddings look and feel more genuine, powerful and familiar:
Traditional photography essentially focuses on portraits, and is considered more formal, having been the main style used by past photographers at weddings.

In contrast, you may also have heard that many a wedding or engagement photographer might specialize in what is called a photojournalistic style. This essentially involves the use of skills and approaches that photojournalists employ, focusing more on candid poses and less frequent interaction with anyone taking part in the event.

Finally, a style that has been gaining more and more ground in recent years, becoming popular with an increasing number of wedding planners and photographers, is the fashion-based approach – a type of photography that leans on combining candid poses with the types of angles, lighting and artistic photographic effects you would see in a fashion magazine.

The latter is one of our fondest styles, with our photographers being capable of remarkable feats when it comes to increasing the artistic and emotional value of your photos.

We can also combine the other two styles into the mix and adapt to the kind of atmosphere you would most desire for your wedding, but without any intrusive approaches or practices. This way, our experts will allow you to fully enjoy your special day, while delivering true magic through well placed shots, carefully chosen lighting effects and everything else required for portraying your wedding in the most outstanding manner.

An Easy Way to Handle Wedding Photography

Aside from quality, another important benefit you can get by working with us is ease and convenience. We are completely devoted to making your experience as seamless and smooth as possible, making sure you get all the information from the start, helping you pick the right package depending on your needs and budget, and discussing all other details regarding specific photographs or services that may be required.

Simply visit or call us using either our official business address at 11664 National Blvd Suite 324 Los Angeles, CA 90064 or our telephone number – (310) 384-4043. One of our friendly representatives will be more than happy to guide you through the process, assisting you in choosing the best wedding photography package for your big day in Venice, and making sure you receive the best possible treatment.

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