Wedding Photographer Los Angeles CA

Wedding Photographer Los Angeles CA


Wedding Photographer Los Angeles CA - Our services are based in Los Angeles, CA. In addition to photographing and filming weddings all over Los Angeles, we are also available for your destination wedding photographer and videographer needs.

We are passionate about imagery, life, light, and work as an observer, unobtrusively capturing the beauty and essence of you and your unique day. Magic Wedding Photography in Los Angeles, CA firmly believes that no two weddings are alike and therefore do not seek to put your wedding into some wedding photography mold. We love how photography allows me to freeze a single moment in time. To capture a split second that will never be again, that reveals something special about the subject matter in that moment.

We particularly enjoy shooting weddings because the day is filled with strong emotion and beauty that are begging to be framed and hung on a wall for the next 30 years. We understand that there’s a lot of money being spent in the month leading up to the wedding and there is a lot to consider regarding wedding photography prices, in addition to all of the other vendors you are hiring for your wedding. We often advise our potential clients who are on a tighter budget to invest in the best wedding photography they can afford; get the best possible pictures first and foremost.



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