Wedding Photographer Culver City, CA

Wedding Photographer Culver City, CA


Wedding Photographer Culver City, CA - The Magic Wedding Photographer offers award-winning wedding photography and videography. We offer photography and videography separately (for example, if you only need wedding photography) or together as a package if you are interested in both. We believe in the beauty of personalities, of originality, and the deep veins of human relationships. A wedding’s a pressure cooker, and if you look carefully everyone shows who they really are. It’s beautiful. It is more than just a pretty dress or a bride that is shown in his photos, but a creative universe, with just a few flashes of his camera he portrays an entire story. Magic Wedding Photography captures all different looks, perfecting retro, glamour, modern and futuristic with an expert touch. From classical ‘formal’ to candid photojournalism we will deliver quality wedding photo’s at a great value carefully tailored to your budget and needs. Warm, personal, organic photographs composed around personalities and experiences. Photographs that I imagine your kids looking at twenty years from now. We believe that everyone has a story to tell, and that story should be told through the best photography available. We believe it is important not only to provide great quality images of your wedding, but also to create beautiful, soulful, and lasting images in a style that you will love. Photography is an art, and not everyone has the same vision.


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